An out-of-body product launch experience

Tele2 is a Swedish telecom company, providing phone and Internet services. They were re-launching in a big way to become the best data provider in the country by offering a 100 GB data plan that can be used for 9 different devices and asked us to create a campaign around this.

In Sweden, a lot of the discussions around connectivity tend to be negative. Especially around the manipulation of our exposure to media, which alters our outlook on our surroundings and the world. What if we made a campaign to show limitless connectivity in a way that would change our perspective?

My role

Creative & Art Direction, Design, Motion, Film, Photography

Together with 9 personalities from all over the world, one being Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish actor from The Killing, Robocop and House of Cards, the telco Tele2 showed the endless possibilities with connectivity by allowing their customers to step into other people’s minds - live. Like the movie “Being John Malkovich.” But for real. You see what they see, hear what they hear, feel what they feel.

We broadcasted 9 live streams in 5 countries during a 2-month world tour. Together with the client, we researched each location to prepare each individual set and evaluate local internet networks. With a small team we flew to all locations to set up the scenario, instruct the person to whom we strapped on all the gear, get the hardware up and running, ensure multiple solid internet connections and shoot press photos and film.


The full live experience could be seen via our custom build WebGL video player. Shot in first-person, and by using several sensors, we measured their heart rate, emotions and sweat level. The data was translated live into audiovisual effects using WebGL and Web Audio technology.

Based on the EEG (brain sensor) data the footage becomes warmer and brighter when the avatar is happy, and colder and darker when the avatar is sad.


Emotional Color Grading


Inner Focus


Heart Rate Displacement


Subject Focus


Angry, happy, sad, calm

On each location we shot a photo of the avatar for use in press and social. As well as a scenario photo to be used on the website for wait, finish and error screens before the live stream. We also documented each experience for press later on and created multiple videos for promotion during the campaign.


Throughout the website we used similar WebGL effects and interactions to prepare the user for the live experience.


We received 36,5 million earned media reach. More than 36 million reach in social media. And hundreds of thousands reactions in social media.

Find out more about the UX, UI and Tech of this project at our Medium article.


Creative Direction by Jens Karlsson and Alvin Groen. Art Direction by Alvin Groen. Technical Direction by Tore Holmberg. Development by Szenia Zadvornykh, Ruud Luijten, Florian Cordillot. Production by Anton Stromberg. User Experience by Steven Lin. Design, motion, film and photography by Alvin Groen. Film post-production by Jonathan Kinnander. Prototyping and hardware by Wolfmother Co. Concept by Edelman Deportivo.


Your Majesty


Edelman Deportivo