I am a hands-on Director, Designer and Animator from the Netherlands. My work is driven by the synergy between design, motion and technology. I started my career in Germany, headed back to the Netherlands for a bit and then moved to the US to work for the interactive entertainment industry at Ignition Interactive in Los Angeles.

After LA I moved to New York to work on digital products and experiences for global brands at Firstborn and Your Majesty. Right now, I'm working at Rare Volume as Associate Creative Director with a focus on interactive installations. I've been lucky enough to work together with some pretty great clients such as Airbnb, AMC, Disney, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, Mountain Dew, Netflix, Pepsi, Pixar, Red Bull, Spotify, Square Enix and Warner Bros., among many others.




Create things that make you smile, that give you a new experience, that make you think.





I am honored to have won several industry recognized awards. Please see my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed list.


- Digital Design Days / OFFF Milano, June 1, 2017
- Rutgers University, April 21, 2017
- School of Visual Arts (SVA), November 18, 2014


Get in touch for more information, hello@alvingroen.com

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